BALITBANG (Research Institute Agency) Gorontalo Regency is a research development of researchers engaged in the complex fields of scientific discipline. BALITBANG publishes quality local journals in all fields of multi-disciplinary science.
Starting January 1, 2019 if you want to send your paper to our journal, please send it through our online system at: http: //localhost/news/tinepo/index.php/chg/index
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    The Tinepo Journal discusses original research articles, discusses articles from contributors, and current issues that address all disciplines. The main objective of the Tinepo Journal is to provide a platform for scholars, academics, government researchers, national researchers and international researchers to share knowledge in all fields of disciplines, can contribute directly to the development of development in Gorontalo district, and develop Indonesia in general. 


  • Policy Brief Tinepo

    The Tinepo policy brief is a brief paper that contains a review of strategic issues of regional development at the local, regional and national levels. Policy briefs are prepared specifically and can be immediately followed up by policy makers in the region. The manager of the policy brief can receive writings from various circles ranging from lecturers, researchers, ASNs inside and outside the Gorontalo Regency government as long as the strategic issues displayed are relevant to regional development in Gorontalo Regency