Media Literacy Government Officials Gorontalo


  • Masri Kudrat Umar Universitas Negeri Gorontalo
Keywords: media, literacy, employees, local government


Research on, "Media Literacy of Gorontalo Regency Government Employees" aims
to get; (1) description of media literacy in Gorontalo district government employees
based on structural positions, (2) calculating the media literacy index of government employees
Gorontalo district, and (3) obtain formulation of regional government policies for
improve government performance based on the media literacy index. The research was conducted
using descriptive methods with the number of respondents 600 people covering echelon 2, echelon
3, echelon 4, employees, and honorary. The results show; (a) media literacy of government employees
Gorontalo district includes 4 dimensions and 18 indicators, namely (1) the ability to operate
computer, (2) the ability to run applications, (3), the ability to use a blogger, and
(4) Activity in Social Media. While the 18 indocators referred to include; (1) ability
operate the computer, (2) run the word application, (3) run the excel application, (4)
run the pdf application, (5) run the poit power application, (6) run the application
adobe / the like, (7) running simda applications, (8) negative activity, (9), downloading activities
fail, (10) activity sending files, (11) activity saving files, (12) game / refresing activity, (13)
communicating assignments via email, (14) communicating assignments through Fb, (15)
communicating assignments via SMS, (16) communicating assignments through WA, (17)
communicate tasks through instagram, and (18) and (18) communicate tasks through
other media, (b) Litersi index of Gorontalo district government employees with a percentage of 86.64%
have "Good" quality, and (c) media literacy-based government management, which includes;
(a) Correspondence documents, (b) Documentation of attendance, (c)
Monitoring / monitoring employee attendance at the location, (d) Daily work reporting, (e)
Calculation of performance every day, (f) Recapitulation of employee performance every month, and (g) Calculation
remuneration payment every month.

Keywords: media, literacy, employees, local government