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In any way, the contents of articles and advertisements published in the Tinepo journal of the Gorontalo Regency Research and Development Agency are the sole and exclusive responsibility of each writer and advertiser.</p> jassekojongkam@gmail.com (Jasse Aleks KojongKam) Sat, 18 May 2019 15:54:43 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Evaluation In The Management Of Funds Village http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/1 <p style="text-align: justify;">Research on, "Evaluation of Village Fund Management in Gorontalo Regency" aims<br>to get an overview, (1) public services in the village, (2) poverty alleviation in the village,<br>(3) progress of the village economy, (4) development gap between villages, and (5) strengthening<br>village community as a subject of development. Research uses evaluation methods<br>goal oriented evaluation model. Respondents in this study were; Head<br>Villages, TOMA, TOGA, Youth Figures, and Women in the Village. Processing data using<br>the Result-Based Management Model approach by looking at the after-before condition and seeing<br>manager's understanding of the cycle and principles of village fund management. Research<br>implemented in the village; Batuloreng, Liyodu, Molanihu, Molopatodu, and Tontayuo. The result<br>indicates a tendency for conditions to improve; (1) public services in the village, (2)<br>poverty alleviation in the village, (3) progress in the village economy, (4) the development gap<br>between villages, and (5) strengthening village communities as subjects of development. Some aspects<br>what needs to be given attention is to increase the understanding of village financial managers<br>about; the cycle of managing village funds, the principle of managing village funds, and the allocation of village funds.<br>Keywords: management, village funds, isolated</p> Masri Kudrat Umar Copyright (c) 2019 TINEPO http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/1 Sat, 18 May 2019 15:54:05 +0000 Media Literacy Government Officials Gorontalo http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/2 <p>Research on, "Media Literacy of Gorontalo Regency Government Employees" aims<br>to get; (1) description of media literacy in Gorontalo district government employees<br>based on structural positions, (2) calculating the media literacy index of government employees<br>Gorontalo district, and (3) obtain formulation of regional government policies for<br>improve government performance based on the media literacy index. The research was conducted<br>using descriptive methods with the number of respondents 600 people covering echelon 2, echelon<br>3, echelon 4, employees, and honorary. The results show; (a) media literacy of government employees<br>Gorontalo district includes 4 dimensions and 18 indicators, namely (1) the ability to operate<br>computer, (2) the ability to run applications, (3), the ability to use a blogger, and<br>(4) Activity in Social Media. While the 18 indocators referred to include; (1) ability<br>operate the computer, (2) run the word application, (3) run the excel application, (4)<br>run the pdf application, (5) run the poit power application, (6) run the application<br>adobe / the like, (7) running simda applications, (8) negative activity, (9), downloading activities<br>fail, (10) activity sending files, (11) activity saving files, (12) game / refresing activity, (13)<br>communicating assignments via email, (14) communicating assignments through Fb, (15)<br>communicating assignments via SMS, (16) communicating assignments through WA, (17)<br>communicate tasks through instagram, and (18) and (18) communicate tasks through<br>other media, (b) Litersi index of Gorontalo district government employees with a percentage of 86.64%<br>have "Good" quality, and (c) media literacy-based government management, which includes;<br>(a) Correspondence documents, (b) Documentation of attendance, (c)<br>Monitoring / monitoring employee attendance at the location, (d) Daily work reporting, (e)<br>Calculation of performance every day, (f) Recapitulation of employee performance every month, and (g) Calculation<br>remuneration payment every month.</p> <p>Keywords: media, literacy, employees, local government</p> Masri Kudrat Umar Copyright (c) 2019 TINEPO http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/2 Sun, 19 May 2019 04:40:24 +0000 Study of Carrying Capacity of The Limboto Lake for Floating Net Cages Culture Activities http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/3 <p>Limboto Lake is a natural resource owned by Gorontalo Province at this time. Limboto Lake has a role <br>as a source of income for fishermen, flood prevention, sources of irrigation and tourism objects. <br>Limboto Lake is now in a very alarming condition because it experiences a process of shrinkage and <br>siltation due to sedimentation and organic matter accumulation due to the increasing number of fish <br>farming in floating net cages. The decreasing area of lake waters causes the decline in lake function <br>as a place to live aquatic organisms. Eutrophication and pollution that occur is a result of the <br>introduction of organic material into the waters which exceeds the carrying capacity of these waters <br>which indirectly affects the source of income of KJA farmers. Making a suitability matrix for determining <br>water zoning is then analyzed through Arcgis software. Based on the results of the study, the <br>appropriate land area is 6.2 ha and the land area is not suitable, which is 2871.24 ha. Floating Net <br>Cages that can be accommodated by the carrying capacity of the waters in Lake Limboto are 496 KJA <br>units, with a KJA size of 5 X 5 m and a distance between KJA of 5 meters. Undertake alternative <br>livelihoods such as making / printing ponds on unproductive land on the shores of Lake Limboto that <br>are in accordance with the designation. Cultivate tarpaulin ponds because they do not require large <br>land and lots of water.</p> <p>Keywords: Carrying Capacity, Limboto Lake, Cultivation, Floating Net Cages.</p> alfi s baruadi Copyright (c) 2019 TINEPO http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/3 Sun, 19 May 2019 04:54:06 +0000 HYBRID BOILER SIMULATOR AS A PLASTIC MEDICAL WASTE PROCESSOR AND CLOTHES DRYER http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/4 <p>construction of hybrid boiler systems design, concept design, system functions testing, and data test <br>observation. This study focuses on observing the heat of burning plastic waste, heat radiation, circulators <br>and flow control systems, and also the characteristics of combustion from plastic waste.</p> Syaiful Umela Copyright (c) 2019 TINEPO http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/4 Sun, 19 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 THE EFFECT OF LINE ORANGE SOLUTIONS (Citrus auratifolia) ON THE QUALITY OF GOROHO BANANA FLOUR (Musa spp) http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/5 <p>Banana (Musa paradisiaca) is one of the horticultural commodities that has good prospects <br>in the Indonesian agribusiness sector. The abundant number of bananas at the time of the <br>harvest is a separate problem because if it is not used as soon as possible or cannot be <br>marketed, the banana will become too ripe or rotten. This causes the selling price to drop <br>or even be wasted. Therefore special handling techniques are needed so that bananas <br>become processed products in the form of banana flour. The surface of the banana is easily <br>subjected to an enzymatic browning reaction by the phenol oxidase enzyme. To overcome <br>this, it is necessary to add natural organic acids, namely citric acid which is safe for the <br>body and maintain product quality. This study uses a completely randomized design <br>method (CRD) with three treatments of concentration of lime solution and 1 control (without <br>soaking lime), namely: P1 = Lime 25 mL, P2 = Lime 50 mL, P3 = Lime 75 mL. each <br>treatment was repeated three times. The variables observed included: color test, water <br>content and antioxidant content. The results showed that the color test with three <br>treatments of the concentration of lime solution obtained an average value of the degree <br>of hue 86.69º - 136.33º with a range of red yellow, yellow to green yellow, average water <br>content of 9.49 -15.62%, and antioxidant average of 41.27% - 61, 9%.<br>Key words : Lime, banana flour, antioxidant</p> satria wati Copyright (c) 2019 TINEPO http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/5 Sun, 19 May 2019 05:02:07 +0000 Increasing Performance Based on Potential Areas in Gorontalo District http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/6 <p>BUMDes as a social institution has a contribution as a provider of social <br>services, as a commercial institution aiming to make a profit through offering <br>local resources (goods and services) to the market. To improve performance, <br>classification and clustering of regional of BUMDes based Potensial of areas <br>is carried out to build synergy between economic institutions in the village. <br>The research was carried out in Gorontalo Regency, with the main goal being <br>BUMDes that have not been active or those that have been active in Gorontalo <br>Regency, which took place from August to October 2018. This research was <br>a qualitative type with a descriptive approach. Determination of the sample <br>using purposive sampling technique as much as 10%. The research sample <br>was taken based on 3 (three) categories of BUMDes namely BUMDes whose <br>existence was only formed by the Village Government, BUMDes that had long <br>been established but were not yet active, and BUMDes that had long been <br>formed and were categorized as active BUMDes. Data collection is done <br>through interviews, observation and documentation. Data analysis uses the <br>Interactive Model according to Miles and Hubberman. Data analysis of BUMDes performance using the balance scorecard method. Research result <br>show thar BUMDes serves the purchase of agricultural and non-agricultural <br>commodities but has not been evenly distributed. Sector-based business unit <br>variations, commodity types, service goods, trade, creative industries and <br>assistance. BUMDes in Gorontalo have not run effectively and contributed to <br>the development and empowerment of communities in the village. The causes <br>of inactive BUMDes are human resources, distribution and use of participation <br>funds, management of BUMDes, Intervention of Village Heads, community <br>support, and mismatch of business types with village potential. <br>Keywords: BUMDes, balance scorecard method, interactive models of <br>Miles and Hubberman, providers of social services and <br>commercial institutions, regional potential.</p> bahtiar Copyright (c) 2019 TINEPO http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/6 Sun, 19 May 2019 05:07:48 +0000 MODELING OF MARKET PRICE PROCESSES FOR MARKET MONITORING SYSTEMS USING THE BUSINESS PROCESS MODELLING NOTATION (BPMN) APPROACH http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/7 <p>Business process modeling is a technique or way to understand, design and analyze <br>a business process, where the benefits are to help institutions / companies <br>understand their business processes, identify problems such as critical path or <br>bottlenecks that may occur, develop, document and communicate to all <br>stakeholders business. So that the institution / company can improve the <br>performance of the management of its business processes. In general, BPMN tends <br>to describe the process from the viewpoint of a business analyst. BPMN is not <br>made with the aim of making the program. BPMN needs to be refined (for example <br>to the BPEL process) before programming guidelines can be made. This reason, <br>BPMN is used by business analysis with the aim not for implementation but rather <br>towards presenting the needs to be given to IT analysis and software development. Generally, BPMN is used to produce "BPEL code" that will be repaired by the <br>developer so that implementation can be made.<br>Keyword: Business Process Modeling, Academic System and BPMN</p> edi setiawan Copyright (c) 2019 TINEPO http://etinepo.org/index.php/tt/article/view/7 Sun, 19 May 2019 05:10:34 +0000